Friday, May 31, 2013

Free Download You Peliculas: Movies Free 3.0.2 apk

You Peliculas: Movies Free – There are a number of Android apps which you need to install it on the Android gadget. One of them is You Peliculas: Movies Free which recently updated to most recent version, You Peliculas: Movies Free 3.0.2. You Peliculas: Movies Free 3.0.2 could be downloaded from Android Market that the link is available on this page. Meanwhile, below is detail from the application.

You Peliculas: Movies Free 3.0.2

Features of You Peliculas: Movies Free 3.0.2 for Android

There are many features which you'll be able to find in You Peliculas: Movies Free 3.0.2. Here is full features from the application, including extra features in You Peliculas: Movies Free 3.0.2

*YouPeliculas* is an innovative application that lets you watch movies and series hosted on YouTube that other anonymous users have uploaded and that are publicly accessible.

Film in French, Italian, Turkish and Vietnamese go to:

The movies/series of our app are carefully selected, we try to make sure that the language for all movies/series is either Spanish from Latin America or Spanish from Spain in addition to English movies also available.

Quality is important, we try to make sure that the quality of the movies/series is excellent, although there are movies/series where quality is not very good, but is not bad either.

The list of movies/series is sorted according to the most popular ones, for example: The number of times that a movie/series has been watched.


1. Quality control: All movies are recent (2013 ~ 1990), fun, free and of high quality.
2. Simple interface: Go to find a free movie and press to view it.
3. Quick Contents Load Engine: seamless viewing experience.
4. Movies/Series in both English and Spanish.
5. Movies search engine

Please note that the loading speed of the movies / series depends solely on your Internet connection speed, our app is not responsible for the loading speed of the videos, if you ever experience slowness or other problems, this is directly related to where the content is hosted.

Help us build a better application

You are the reason for which this application exists, it is an application of some users for users, we are not a company, we are just two people wanting to share so to improve our application we need your comments and / or suggestions, you can leave a comment or contact us by email, we know that the application can still improve a lot, so we need your help!

Keep in mind that we do not store, upload or sell copyright-protected material. If you see that there is something that violates laws, please report it.

Information about the videos you get real time and exiting the application is removed completely from your terminal.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended that the user notifies YouTube if an unauthorized film is found, and we will remove the link once confirmed.

You Peliculas: Movies Free You Peliculas: Movies Free

What’s new in You Peliculas: Movies Free 3.0.2

- New interface style HOLO
- New and improved player (No Flash required)
- Search more exact and if it works!
- 100% compatible with Tablets
- It supports new video servers
- Everything is categorized

Interested to install You Peliculas: Movies Free 3.0.2 in your Android device? Just use this link to download You Peliculas: Movies Free 3.0.2 directly into your Android gadget. You could get You Peliculas: Movies Free 3.0.2 apk too from other websites.

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